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Slowly but surely, you’ll ‘sew’ the seeds of style greatness when you wear this innovative brooch by Hannah Makes Things! Boasting a love of whimsy and kitsch, this Manchester-based brand creates playful jewelry that’s sure to be at the center of attention in any setting, from the office to a cocktail party. Upcycled from measuring tapes and fashioned into the form of a prize-winning ribbon, this unique pin is marvelous beyond measure. Affix it to a cardigan worn with a flared white dress, opaque tights, and bow-adorned flats for a sartorially seamless outfit!

via: Inch by Inch Pin | Mod Retro Vintage Pins |

My Note:
I think this brooch/pin is pretty cool.  I’m not a seamstress or a fashion designer, but I still like this tape measure design.  Like the description says, this pattern does look like a prize-winning ribbon. This is definitely a cute & quirky way to spruce up your outfit or purse/tote bag.

Somehow, this reminds me of the tape measure in the Mary Poppins movie.  All you need is the line that says “Mary Poppins: Practically Perfect in Every Way”…

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